Friday, September 3, 2010


Hey, guys! So, I went shopping the other day and I thought I would share with you what I bought!
First...(as always) I am going to give you all a few tips for when going shopping =)

1- Never bring more money then you are willing to spend! I learned that from experience... ha ha

2- Always look for sales and compare prices. Remember you can usually find a better deal.

3- Don't make spontaneous might regret them later.

I found these gorgeous shoes at Kohls! They were also on sale for only $20.00!!!!! I absolutely adore them!

I also love how they have the little zipper ruffle!

I bought this cute hair bow at Forever 21. (one of my favorite stores EVER)
This bow came in a pack of three.
It only costs $2.50!

Last but NOT least! I got this shirt from Forever 21!
I think it is just a really fun looking shirt to wear to a casual occasion. =D

I just made a Youtube account!!!! Please come and visit be there!!!! =D CLICK HERE!!!!!!

Have an AMAZING day!


-This is my video that I posted on my YouTube account! I just made it =D`

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Break Ups and Love

So, I was on my laptop yesterday evening and was looking at my favorite blogs and at Youtube videos, and I came across this video that touched my heart greatly! It was about break-ups. That is something we all have to go through and face in life. Some people take it better than others, but it still tears your heart to pieces! Here are a few things to think about when dating a guy, and then this amazing video that will sum everything up.

1. Never settle - What I mean by that is don't go for a guy who has characteristics you don't like! It will end up hurting you later! Wait for the right guy!

2. Don't Give Up on Prince Charming! - I know the feeling. All of your friends have these amazing boyfriends but you are still single and you're thinking,  "What is wrong with me!? Why don't I have an amazing guy too? Am just not pretty? Am I weird?" Trust me. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way! And the right guy for you will love you for you inside and out! :) 

3. Cheating - If a guy ever cheats on you, don't think it's your fault because it is NOT! They have a problem not YOU!!!

And remember everything works out in the end! I know it doesn't seem like it at the time; but in a month or in a few months, you will be like, "Oh, I am so glad that is over! I can't believe I was ever with that guy!" All the heartbreak and everything you go through in life leads up to what you are meant to do and meant to be! So don't give up! Day by day your heart will be mended back together, and it will get easier and easier. As they say in the movie, Meet The Robinsons, "Keep moving forward!" I don't think I could say it any better than that! Move on with your life! There is hope! There is a new day!!! Never EVER live in the past! It will bring you down. People will break your heart and disappoint you everyday, but the only person who will never do that and love you forever no matter what is Jesus Christ! Trust in Him and your life will be full of love! I hope this post encourages you! 

And remember, "Keep Moving Forward"!
Have a Great day!

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Inspiration! What/who is yours?

First of all here is a confession...I never really liked blogs I mean they were okay but they weren't "my thing" until I started looking around -just look at my side bar! All the most awesome blogs I have found so far are there! -
They have all inspired me so much! But the one that has inspired me the most is a woman and her name is Kandee Johnson!! She is amazing!! You HAVE to go and see her blog and then definitely subscribe! CLICK HERE to go straight to it!

Here is one of her posts =)

Are you a Dream Fighter?

"I was looking back through all my old blog posts...and found this one that I posted exactly one year ago to the day...
it's funny how in this year, so much has happened it kinda feels like 5 years ago.  I want you to know that when all hope is gone, when you feel like your dreams are over....that's usually when gears are turning for your dreams but you just can't see them.

It's like turning your car're in the car, you can't see the pistons firing and all the stuff turning and getting ready to make the car go...but you know you are going to go somewhere...even if you aren't MOVING YET!!!!

Get the idea here?

You may be in your car thinking...."oh man!!! I'm not even going anywhere. We're not even moving...we're never gonna be able to go anywhere like this. What if we never leave the driveway?!? oh maaaaaan!"

Yes you will!

Just like when you're sitting there, you can't see all the parts of the motor preparing you to move on out....but you know they will!

Sit back in the comfy seat of life, no matter what your car looks like, what your driveway or garage looks like...and know that gears are getting ready...turn the engine of your hope on...and believe that your "car" is gonna go somewhere!

here's the post I wrote one year ago today (actually since it's now 1 am, it would technically be yesterday, but I've been working all day and night! ha ha ha...may it touch your heart and inspire you....
Please share this or pass it on to a friend that could use some "heart & dream" encouragement....
made with love, kandee

hi all my precious people....
my heart has been so touched and encouraged by all your emails and videos....
and it made me realize it's time to share a bit about me, that might encourage all of you...
I want all of you to become Dream fight for your dreams....
and here's a little bit of me trying to share a little bit of me...which is hard to talk about...since a lot of people don't know a lot of this....

I love you all and want you to know I'm your biggest cheerleader to go after your dreams!!!!
huge love.....and here's the video''

Posted by kandee Johnson

Friday, July 16, 2010

How To - Cute Hair Styles!!!

Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I miss you guys *sad face* I just have been so busy this summer. How has everyone's summer been so far!? Mine has been pretty fun! We drove up to Austin a few weekends ago and went boating! I was so surprised because none of us got sunburned! Good old sunscreen hehe :) Make sure you always wear sunscreen when you are going to be in the sun for a long time because I know you're thinking "but I want the sunkissed skin look!" (you will still get it btw! It just will take a little bit longer) But guess what! If you wear sunscreen now, you will still have beautiful young looking skin when you are older! Sounds like a good plan to me! =] So anyway! Here are some great super adorable hair styles that I wear frequently! 


  Have your hair wet (like when you get out of the shower!)Squeeze the excess water outWrap your hair in a towel for 10minutes. You want your hair still wet but not dripping.  (for very thick hair up to 40 minutes) Do not rub your hair at all with the towel. (this will cause frizziness). What you can do is scrunch it gently within the towel if the ends are still dripping.  To scrunch it, scrunch your hair from the ends going upward to your roots (like scrunching a piece of paper).

Use mousse. Put it near the middle and bottom of your hair. Putting it too away from your roots will cause it to look greasy and weighed down.

 Grab section of your hair from the ends going upward to your roots (like scrunching a piece of paper). 

Turn your head upside down so that your hair is hanging down. This step is optional and some prefer to skip it. Helps give volume and a more even scrunch.

Hair Spray/blow dryer/ hands - while scrunching spray hair spray in then blow dry that section. (some people prefer gel instead of hair spray. I just use what I have lol) f

Grab a small handful of mousse and push it up toward the head. Hold it in place for a few moments

Like this! ---> (this picture is not of me btw I found it on Google Images) 

Repeat this all over your head, reapplying the mousse and hair spray or gel every time. Keep in mind that small handfuls yield tighter waves and large handfuls create full, loose waves.

Spray an even amount of hairspray at the middle and ends of your hair for more texture. If your hair isn't as wavy/scrunched as you like it, add a small dime sized amount of gel to it, and scrunch to your roots. Remember to spread out your hands, or it will clump, which never looks good.

Voila! Your hair should be greatly scrunched!!! :D  

Now this may seem like a lot of work....but it usually only takes me 15 minutes AT MOST! 

-List of products I use-    (you can buy these anywhere...Walart CVS etc.)

Fist off..I am in-love with TRESemme hair products! They smell delicious all day! My friends are always telling me that my hair smells good! hehe 

1- Pantene Shampoo and Conditionerthis is by far my favorite shampoo and conditioner is smells great, makes your hair silky and shiny! 

2- TRESemme Hari Spray It is none aerosol so it is good for your health and the environment :) It's also all day humidity resistant! (which is good for me because where I live it is humid a lot)

3 - TRESemme 24 HOUR BODY Foaming Mouse - And again! It smells amazing! I don't think I can say that enough. ha ha ha 

-Bump in Bangs- 

Very simple! All you do is grab the section of hair in your bang area pull it back twist and clip! Cha Ching you now have what Hilary Duff has! -this only take me 30 seconds at most ha ha ha-

-Pony Tail With Bump- (this girl has some awesome videos on youtube!)


Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Oh How I love You

Me and Martin

Emily, my mom and I 

This swim suit is from Kohls. Very reasonably priced and so cute. I love it! The halter strap is a removable strap so you can have a tube top suit. It is very comfortable too.  It is a two piece and you buy them separately.
~Here is the link!~

Friday, June 18, 2010

Winner of My Give Away

from Eight Is Enough !!!
(check out her cool blog!)

She has just won my Burt's Bees give away! 

Thanks to all the participants!!!
Have a great week!
Love always,

PS. I will be posting on Monday; so check back!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Clothes and a GIVE AWAY!

GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All you have to do is become a follower, put me on your blog roll and comment!!!!!! I will enter you and then draw names to find the winner next week!!!!!!! I'm excited!!! Here is what I'm giving away!!!! --->


Here are just two things that are really cheap! You can get them at Marshals! -Great store for deals btw- 


Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimmie =)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My 17th Birthday!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday!! =) I must say ice skating is pretty legit! Here are some pictures!

The group =)

Crazy mascot followed me around the rink 3 times then grabbed my hand to dance with me!

Skating backwards!
Friends forever <3 I love them sooo much!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family Photos! :)

My whole family!

My Uncle Jeff and I.
My dad and his two brothers
My sister Emily
Me lol
Aunt Traci and Matthew
Uncle Chris, Emily, Aunt Traci, Matthew, Uncle Jeff, Me, Dutches and Martin. <3

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun!

Happy Easter!!!

Matthew, Me, Emily and Martin :)
hehe she didn't know I was in the picture 

My cousins, sister, mom and me :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools Day!

I love this outfit! =) It's very comfortable, fashionable and affordable. The Jeans are from Forever 21 and the shirt is from JCPenney. This outfit was under $40! 

PS. Happy April Fools Day! (don't tell my friends or family..but I have some tricks to play.....;) Comment and tell me what you did today!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

~What I Am Wearing Today~

So, today I am wearing just something I very randomly put together. I probably wouldn't end up wearing the belt. But I might, you never know! ;) And like all of my clothes, I make sure I am always able to be active in them! 
PS. Wear ballet flats with this outfit..not heels. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

What are your favorite accessories?

Ok guys, here is a BIG question for you. Maybe not so big.. ;) What are your favorite accessories? Or, what is one thing you could never leave your house without? Comment and let me know! My top two would have to cell phone and a purse with lip gloss and my wallet. AND CUTE SHOES! haha Wow.. sorry. I guess I don't know how to count. ;)